Top Games like Diablo 3 [12 Similar Games]

Top Games like Diablo 3 [12 Similar Games]

Diablo 3 was one of the best Hack ‘n’ Slash Action game of its time and it still is. The game is the third part of the Diablo series that was released by Blizzard, the series was so popular that people even started to use diablo’s name as a comparison term to rate other in the same genre.

But we all know why you are here for, you are here to find your next ‘Diablo’ game to play right? So here is the list of 12 games like Diablo 3 that I think are as much fun to play as Diablo & will keep you going all night non-stop.



1. Torchlight 2

Being a hack n slash action RPG, Torchlight 2 has many features and action-packed sequences which will remind you of Diablo. You can play four different character classes namely Engineer, Outlander, Berserker & Embermage. When you first start exploring the world of torchlight you will notice that each level you play gets generated randomly which makes the game more fun and unpredictable. Unlike Diablo3 it has official support for mods which are available on Steam’s Workshop. The art style is also somewhat similar to diablo3 with the addition of more vibrant colors.

You can either enjoy the offline mode playing as a single player or invite your friends over to a LAN party. It also supports online multiplayer Co-op modes with cross-platform.

The game is priced very fairly and because the game was first released in September 2012, the specs requirements are very low & you don’t need to own a “NASA Super Computer” to run it.

Published By: Runic Games | First Available: 20 September 2012 | Get it on: PC



2. Path of Exile

An Action Role-Playing title by Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile comes under the list of few Diablo 3 alternatives which are as fun to play (if not more) and are absolutely free. PoE requires a good amount of skill and game sense if you want to enjoy the game to its full extent, even if the game is free it does not have any pay-to-win criteria. To be on par with the players who have spent 100’s of hours in this game, you need to give this game your precious time.

But don’t worry this game has plenty of things to offer you for your time. You can unlock & find tons of different custom items and unique skills for your character, even if you have played a mode many times you can play it again and again on different difficulty settings to earn more.

Being an MMO, it does not support offline mode while having the option to choose from various singleplayer & multiplayer modes.  And for the game that is years old and is available for absolutely nothing, it receives updates and patches frequently.

Published By: Grinding Gear Games | First Available: 23 October 2013 | Get it on: PC, Xbox


3. Titan Quest

Titan Quest, a game that came back from the verge of shutting down to its current glory. Very recently a port for Nintendo Switch was also released which put smiles on many fans of ARPG lovers. The game features tons of classes to choose from which you select for your character to fit your play style.

The game’s storyline takes place in Ancient Greece, Asia & Egypt. Your quest starts when titans, who betrayed gods start to bring chaos to the world. Your goal as a hero is to stop them in their tracks while dealing with other mythical creatures & beasts. Options for creating your own map is also available if you are getting bored with the available maps and want to try something challenging.

The currently available Anniversary Edition of the game combines both Titan quest and its counterpart Titan Quest: Immortal Throne in one game.

Published By: THQ Nordic | First Available: 31 August 2016 | Get it on: PC, Xbox, PS4, Switch


4. Grim Dawn

Grim Dawn is a classic hack and slash A-RPG game by Crate Entertainment, it is based on Titan Quest’s game engine.

Word ‘grim’ in the title is more than enough to draw attention towards people like me, but it is not only in the title, the gameplay revolves around a place called ‘carin’, filled with endless darkness and landscapes which have been destroyed by countless wars. You can select two of the six available classes as your characters and equip them with different skills and items that you found or crafted as per your liking.

The offers various single-player & online multiplayer modes, which you and 3 of your friends can enjoy together.

If you like Diablo 3, Titan quest and old school hack n slash games, you will definitely enjoy Grim Dawn.

Published By: Crate Entertainment | First Available: 25 February, 2016| Get it on: PC


5. Borderlands 2

Ever wanted to try out Action RPG/hack n slash games like Diablo 3 but felt like ‘meh I only play hardcore FPS’? then you should give this one a try. Unlike most of the games like Diablo 3, Borderlands 2 does not take place in a world filled with darkness. The play area is pretty ‘sunny’ and ‘cool’ at the same time.

From the first hours of gameplay, you will be getting the ‘Diablo’ vibes from this game, you will realize how much similarities this game has with other Diablo-like games. You have 4 different class types to choose from, your goal to survive kill and loot, either play as a single player or Co-op.

Overall the game is a beautiful piece of art (or not?) and is filled with an inventory of guns &  humor on every point.

Published By: 2K | First Available: 21 September 2012 | Get it on: PC, Xbox, PS4


6. Vikings – Wolves of Midgard

A Role Playing game released the previous year with action same as Diablo. The game is inspired by stories of Viking era and has hack and slash action related combats. It has a very unique twist in powering up your character, instead of collecting up items and using them, you collect hearts & blood of your enemies and offer them to gods for various different abilities.

Vikings: Wolves of Midgard is available on PC, Xbox, and Ps4 but does not offer any cross-platform play. The gameplay time is not very long and after you have completed the story there is nothing much interesting to do.

But it supports local multiplayer so you can invite one of your friends over to play with, it also has online co-op support for 2 players.

Published By: Kalypso Media Digital | First Available: 24 March 2017 | Get it on: PC


7. Divine Divinity

Well if you were only here for the list of games like Diablo 3 then you might get a little bit disappointed from this one, it does have some similarities in game mechanics & has elevated top-down viewpoint but this game is more similar in gameplay to Diablo2 than it is to its successor, Diablo 3.

Divine Divinity, a Hack & Slash Action RPG title from Larian Studios is a game which was released way back in September 2002. Being so old, the game is not played by many players compared to old days when the game was much more popular.

The game is available for under $ 5 from steam and is still worth the money if you enjoy classic hack n slash type of games with a huge world to explore and long storyline. Divine Divinity only features single-player mode with no options of Co-op.

Published By: Larian Studios | First Available: 20 September 2002 | Get it on: PC


8. Guild Wars2

GuildWars 2 is the successor to the previous MMO-RPG game GuildWars by ArenaNet. The storyline you are about to play is decided by which character you choose and the storyline changes with the decisions you make along your journey. The artwork style used for the characters is very nice & the open world is vibrant and colorful.

You can either play by the default storyline or if you get bored by it you can also go do some dungeon hunting adventures.

The battles that take place in this game are fast-paced and are challenging, the game is ‘easy to learn and hard to master’. You will have to play with all you have got to beat this game. Choose whatever fits your playstyle best, you have a total of eight different classes or professions to choose from and various unlockable weapons & skills.

Published By: ArenaNet | First Available: 28, August 2012 | Get it on: PC


9. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Wolcen is a hack n slash Action RPG title by WOLCEN Studios. In terms of combat, it features fast-paced combat with various attacks and combo moves. The class system is based on your skills and items that you have, which creates a unique class hero that only you have.

The game randomly generates levels for you so your next visit to Dungeon will not be the same, gameplay is available in single-player mode as of now, you can either play offline mode or online multiplayer.

Despite being released two years ago, this game is still in its beta stages and is available on Steam as an early access game. Maybe it is because they have a relatively small developer team, consisting of 13 members and thus bug fixes and other patches take more time. This game has potential but is currently being held by various bugs, delays, and other issues.

But there are many posts and videos suggesting that the game is going to get out of early access in late 2018, so we will have to wait until then.

Published By: WOLCEN Studio | First Available: 24 March 2016 | Get it on: PC


10. The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing

This game is what you would call hard to beat version of games like Diablo 3. This Indie A- Role playing game takes place in a world called Borgovia. Here you play as Van Helsing, a man who works as a monster slayer with his partner named Lady Katarina. The story is good and playtime is also decent and it has nice music to keep your grinding gears going in long quests.

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing supports single-player & co-op modes and also comes in the list of few games like Diablo 3 which support cross-platform multiplayer.

Overall it is a fun and ‘easy to learn but hard to master’ type of game with little bits of humor all around the place.

Published By: NeocoreGames | First Available: 22 May 2013 | Get it on: PC, Xbox, PS4


11. Victor Vran

In Victor Vran, an indie hack n slash action RPG you play as the mighty victor, a demon slayer.

You can get going on the quests with 3 of your buddies in the grim and dark world of Victor Vran. The game offers various dynamic combat action along with a variety of combo & finisher moves. To go along with your physical moves, you can also improve your combat skills by equipping yourself with various weapons, items, and skill enhancing powers

The support for co-op is very good in this game, you can either play local multiplayer with your friends or go hunt demons in online Co-op, the game also supports PvP mode.

Victor Vran is available for a wide variety of device and cross-platform gameplay is also supported.

Published By: EuroVideo Medien  | First Available: 24 July 2015 | Get it on: PC, XBOX, PS4


12. Last Epoch

Last Epoch is an unreleased Kickstarter project by Eleventh Hour Games. It is a Hack n Slash style game which features time travel concept with dungeon crawling.

Last Epoch, as of right now is only available for Its Kickstarter Backers as demos and an Alpha release. The game is in constant development and should get out of the alpha stages very soon and the final, full release is said to be in 2020.

Published By Eleventh Hour Games | First Available: 28th June 2018 | Check it Out: PC



This marks the end of my list of similar games like Diablo 3. Please keep in mind that the games listed here are not in any particular order and are not rated according to their numbers.

Diablo 3 is one of the best game in the Hack ‘n’ Slash genre. The game is very unique in its own way and true fans of the Diablo series will keep coming back at it regardless of how many bad experiences they have had with the game or how many hours of grinding they have put in it.

I hope you are satisfied with the list that I created, if not or you think I am missing some games? Please do write in the comments below.

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