11 + Best MOBAs for Android and iOS

11 + Best MOBAs for Android and iOS

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena or simply MOBA is getting more and more popular on mobile devices these days. In older days there were hardly any decent MOBA titles for Android & iOS but now-days there are tons of games available with millions of downloads.

So you might be thinking which are some of the Best MOBAs for Android or iOS out there? so to give you the answer I will be listing some of the best MOBAs for Android and iOS.

1.  Mobile Legends

By: Moonton

Rating: iOS 4.7/5, Android 4.4/5

Let’s start our list by Mobile Legends. For me, it was one of the best MOBA games for android that I tried and really enjoyed.

A classic MOBA style Battle mode, a brawl mode and new modes getting added. Mobile Legends has got nice cosmetic skins which you can either buy or get from events which come out regularly. The controls are very simple with a joystick to control your character around.

Short matches (an average match lasts from 15-20 minutes) is one of the main key points in this game, you can easily finish a match within 10-15 minutes and continue to next one right away.


2. Vainglory

By: Super Evil Megacorp

Rating: iOS 4.8/5, Android 4.4/5

Being one of the few MOBA games available at one time, Vainglory was one of the best MOBAs for android.

It has got Casual, Ranked & brawl modes as playing options. You can either play with real people or against bot if you are a new player and want to practice. It has inbuilt guild finding system so you can easily recruit members for your team to climb up the ranks. For controls, it has got the ‘touch to select’ control like we see in PC MOBA games and also an option to enable joystick.

Having over 37+ playable heroes and quick and responsive controls, it also supports 120FPS pro motion.

Even if it has gone down the ranking a little bit it is still the editors choice on both Google Play Store & apple app store.


3. Heroes Arena


Rating: iOS 4.0/5, Android 4.2/5

Just like the other MOBA’s Heroes arena is a 5v5 multiplayer game but with the addition to 1v1 & 3v3 modes. Having a fast-paced gameplay the matches are not too long and are quite enjoyable.

It has got over 20 different heroes with various abilities & different hero classes like Assassin, Tank, Damage, Support & Warrior.


4. Mini Legends

By: Max Games Studios

Rating: None (Unreleased)

An unreleased game and currently in Beta, this game is being developed by Max Games Studios, it is currently only available on Google Play Store and has already crossed 100,000+ downloads.

It has similar yet very different playstyle than other games in the same category.

Instead of choosing one character you play with a whole team of five! they attack automatically and to control a hero you just tap on him. you can only control one hero at a time and rest of them play the game on their own unless you select them.



5. Planet of Heroes

By: My.com B.V.

Rating: iOS 4.1/5, Android 4.0/5

Planet of Heroes, a MOBA game with 3v3 PVP and PVE adventure modes.

It does not have the classic 5v5 mode but it is still very good and does not consume that much of your time(approx 10min for one match).

It has got RPG like gameplay and 3 difficulty modes with the option of crafting items & RPG style boss battles.


6. Paladins Strike

By: Hi-Rez Studios

Rating: iOS 4.0/5, Android 3.9/5

This game is MOBA version of the game Paladins: Champions of the Realm which is available on PC platform. It has got its characters and their move-sets from Paladins, the controls are joystick based with pads to control on both sides of the screen.

It has got 5v5 PvP battles like any other MOBA out there but with unique characters and exclusive play modes & maps.


7. Heroes of Order & Chaos

By: Gameloft

Rating: iOS 4.0/5, Android 4.2/5

Packed with stunning visuals & unique UI, Heroes of order & chaos s a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena game by Gameloft. You can watch your friends matches live as they are happening in spectator mode.

It has 3 different maps and 3 different modes as well (3v3, 5v5, steampunk 5v5).

Having over 50 heroes, you can choose one which truly suits you and by bringing out free heroes to test every week it gives you a chance of testing a hero before buying it. It becomes important because to own all 50+ heroes in this game is nearly impossible without paying to buy them with real money, by testing a hero beforehand you can grind hard for it and not regret your decision.


8. Magic Rush: Heroes

By: Elex

Rating: Android 4.5/5

Unlike other MOBA games, this one is more like an RPG game, its maps are different than other MOBA’s, it has got manual aim so it truly tests out your aiming skills. It has a roleplay mode where you can play different roles according to hero classes like support, attacker etc.

One more thing which makes it different from other’s is that you can upgrade your defenses and equipment.



9. Heroes Evolved

By: Reality Squared Games

Rating: iOS 4.6/5, Android 4.3/5

A classic MOBA game with a 5v5 mode, an adventure mode, a 3-way battle mode and over 50+ heroes.

Additionally, it has got a quick matchmaking system with short & sweet game times & customization options for each of your heroes.

It used to have a PC client but it shut down somewhere in December, 2017.


10. Heroes of SoulCraft

By: MobileBits GmbH

Rating: iOS nil/5, Android 4.1/5

A MOBA game based on a theme of ‘Angles VS Demons’ style battles.

It has options for 3v3 or 5v5 battles. Partners or Titans as they call them to accompany you to the battle, they have various abilities and unique characteristics.

It is also available for PC through steam but it is nothing more than a port from the mobile game, it has touch style controls, to move your character you have to hold your right mouse button and drag it to the side in which you want to move. The graphics are also very bad on PC version which had made people hate the Steam version and thus it has a ‘Mostly Negative’ rating on Steam.


11. Battle Bay

By: Rovio

Rating: iOS 4.8/5, Android 4.6/5

Battle bay is a very unique and fun game by Rovio (the guys who gave us Angry Birds).

It is very different from traditional MOBA’s. The first big difference is that it is set in seas instead of land and instead of different battling classes of heroes they have different kinds of ships which handle all the attacks, you have options to equip armors and weapons items & abilities.


This concludes our list of 11 + MOBA games for Android and iOS.

Also, here are some other suggestions:

12. S.O.L  Stone of Life EX

By: Oddy Arts

Rating: iOS nil/5, Android 4.3/5


13. Legendary Heroes MOBA

By: Monstro Games

Rating: iOS 3.8/5, Android 4.2/5




So here we are at the end of the list, I hope you got what you were looking for by reading this article on best MOBAs for Android & iOS. One thing to note is that the list was not in any particular order. All the games listed here are free and comes with In-App-Purchases. So yeah, if you manage to get hooked to one of these games, your wallet might take some time recovering from all that damage ☻.


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