How to Get Cheap Windows 10 key (OEM) & Office keys

I don’t think that any of you reading this post has ever paid full price to buy a¬† windows 10 key or office & the reason is very simple, they are hell lot of expensive!

A retail version of Windows can cost you around 200-300$ and that is a lot of money.

Imagine if you are building a Budget Gaming PC , in price of the key you can easily get a decent CPU or even GPU! for your build & still have some change left for other stuff like fans, cables etc.

Here are some sources form where you can get cheap Windows 10 key & Office keys :

1. Kinguin

Kinguin, in my opinion the best & safest way to get windows 10 oem key & office activation keys. It does not only offers windows and office keys but it also has quite a nice offers on games. It offers wide variety of windows keys including 7, 8, 8.1 & of course windows 10. Office keys including MS office 2013 & 2016 are also available.

You can also buy in bundles (win10, office, antivirus) to save money.

It also gives you option to select the seller of your choice, you can select the seller with most trust rating and enjoy a hassle free & safe experience.

2. G2A

G2a also offers a very similar service like Kinguin with very similar payments offers and same way of providing keys. However when i checked their website i was not able to find any windows 10 oem key, not even any cheap windows 10 key for Home or Professional edition were available. But i am sure that they used to have those, maybe they were out of stock at that time. Anyways i did find some Windows Server Keys & Business keys there.


3. Ebay

One other great source for cheap windows 10 key & office keys is eBay, here you can finds keys for as low as 5-10$. That is the reason why many resellers buy them cheap from ebay and then sell them at a much higher value, but you have to be aware while while shopping for keys or any digital items from ebay because although there are some legitimate sellers there, but most of sellers who sells keys for cheap there are complete frauds. So you should really consider checking their rating and legitimacy before buying. Also cheap keys will always be windows 10 oem key. If you see a listing for a Retail key going, which is going for less than 50 $, stay away from it.


4. Subreddit r/microsoftsoftwareswap/

This subreddit is also very trusted and old provider of keys for MS Office & Windows. The usual prices here for windows & office are 40$ & 35$ respectively. Although there are not many scammers here (because  they get banned very quickly( i hope xD)), you should consider buying keys from mods or people with a good reputation.


Now you might be wondering “what are OEM keys & Retail keys? and why OEM keys are much cheaper than Retail keys?”

Well the answer to that is simple, OEM keys are keys which companies like dell, toshiba, lenovo, hp etc buy in bulk from microsoft and then they provide them in their pre-built desktops and laptops. What it means that if you have got a OEM key activated on your PC you can not ask microsoft for any help regarding the activation and use of the following windows key & any help regarding the machine on which the key has been applied, they will tell you to contact your OEM key provider for any help.

In retail keys however you can get customer service directly from Microsoft.

This concludes my post on how you can get cheap Windows 10 oem key and Office keys. Now be aware that when you buy cheap windows 10 key (OEM ones) you have to be extra careful, beacuse on some sites like ebay, there is a very high chance of getting scammed.

Thanks for reading and if you have any question just type them in comments. N



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