How to set Clear Decals in csgo (Command + Binds)

How to set Clear Decals in csgo (Command + Binds)

Clear decals is a handy command in counter strike which allows you to clear any blood stains or bullet holes. This command comes very handily in certain situations. Suppose when there is too much blood etc. on the map, and you are having trouble spotting the enemy.

With a click of a button (if you have a bind set up) you can clear all the surrounding of bullet holes and blood stains. It only removes the bloodstains and bullet marks for you. Everyone else can still see them.

The clear decal command is handy on its own, but it becomes more useful and practical when bound to a button. You can do it by setting up a bind and placing it your autoexec.cfg file of CS:GO. The most usual buttons which get bound to the clear decals Command are W A S D (movement), Shift and Attack.

You can every readily bind these buttons or any button of your choice. Below is the command for Clear Decals and also some Binds from which you can choose one that you prefer.


Clear decals Command and Binds:

CODE Description
r_cleardecals Write it in the console every time you want to get rid of blood and bullet stains.
bind w "r_cleardecals" Put this in your autoexec file if you want to clear decals every time you walk forward. You can also select A S D instead of W.
bind mouse1 "r_cleardecals" This Bind allows you to clear decals every time you hit mouse1(fire) button.
bind shift "+speed; r_cleardecals" Whenever you press shift the bloodstains and bullet marks will be gone.


Here is how to Enable Console in csgo if you don’t know:

1. It is a straightforward process, when you are in the home screen of the game, choose “Options.“

2. From there select Game Setting and scroll down until you see the “Enable Developer Console (~)” option.

3. Turn it on, go back to the home screen and press “~” key on your keyboard. It is just below the Escape (Esc) key, and when you press it, the console should open.


And here is how to locate the autoexec file:

You can also check this little tutorial on how to set autoexec.cfg: How to create a autoexec file


The cfg folder location for CSGO  (in Windows OS) is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\%Your_UserID%\730\local\cfg“. There you will find autoexec.cfg. If the file is already there then open it in notepad or if there isn’t any, create a new text file and rename it to autoxec.cfg.  Make sure to add host_writeconfig at the very end of the autoexec file otherwise it will not work.

So this concludes my post on clear decal command for csgo hope you learned something and the post was worth your time.

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