List of 12 Fun to Play Games like Roblox

List of 12 Fun to Play Games like Roblox

Roblox is an MMO sandbox creation game in which allows you to build your own game with the help of pixelated blocks. You can also hop-on to games created by other players, my favorite ones are the FPS games (ever heard of csgo made with blocks?). So why you need other games like roblox you ask? Well may be you are getting bored by seeing same textures and blocks again and again, maybe there is too much ‘toxicity’ in the roblox community lately or maybe your brother found you cheating on 3 of your roblox girlfriends ;-).

Now forget whatever the reason and lets comeback to the list, not all of the games are ‘sandbox’ building games like Roblox, but they have many similarities like building with blocks, vast open-world to explore and games which are as much fun to play.


1. Garry’s Mod

If you were looking for games like roblox because of the sandbox game creation aspect, then your search ends here. Garry’s mod or Gmod is a sandbox game creation title which was originally a mod for Half-life2. The game has no objectives or storyline to follow instead it gives you the option to create your own characters and various props.

The community of Garry’s mod is huge and has various maps, games, and mods created by different players. the game is a cross-platform multiplayer and you can even play it offline with your friends.

Overall it is a fun game to own if you enjoy sandbox games and want to create your own masterpiece that you can enjoy with friends.

Published By: Valve  | First Available: 24 December, 2004 | Get it on: PC


2. Scrap Mechanic

Scrap Mechanic is a sandbox creation game where you can turn your work of imagination into reality. You are a mechanic who has a supply of tons of different building parts which you can combine and create a mix of anything from a flying home to a jet-powered bathtub.

The game also has a survival mode with an actual storyline. You are a robot maintenance mechanic who is sent to an automated agricultural world to look after the robots working there. After crash-landing on the planet you discover that the robots have gone rogue, they start attacking you and you must survive the chaos. this mode has a limited supply of items and you must scavenge for items to stay alive

After 2 years of its release, Scrap Mechanic is still available as Eary access but the player base consist of a nice density of players and the game itself is getting updated very frequently.

Published By: Axolot Games  | First Available: 24 July, 2015 | Get it on: PC


3. Trove

Trove is a nice mix between open-world adventure games like Roblox and Role-playing games. You join the game with thousands of other people on the server. You can do whatever you like. If you like building your house all fancy and customized you can do so, if you are more into grinding and mining stuff for your next build and forge you can do so, if you like killing monsters and defeating bosses for their loot you can also do so.

The game is filled with many dungeons to explore and each dungeon has their own boss when defeated he will grant you jaw-dropping loot and items. That is if you are quick enough to pick them before your friends and the others who were also fighting the boss if you like going solo you can do so by finding a dungeon where not many people are around.

Trove is available on steam for free and is better enjoyed with friends.

Published By: Trion Worlds  | First Available: 9 July, 2015 | Get it on: PC, XBOX, PS4


4. Unturned

Unturned is literally a zombie shooter FPS made with blocks. I first discovered this game when one of my friends got vac banned in csgo and he started playing this game.

You are one of the few people who has not turned zombie yet and is struggling to stay the same. The game has various gameplay modes to choose from and there is no specific way to play the game, you can either go all out on hunting ‘n’ killing zombies with every weapon imaginable or you can stay low and explore the vast world a little while dealing with natural phenomena like bad weather & toxic players.

The game is a nice variation of zombie-shooter & a survival game. There are many things to do other than zombie slaying like competing quests that NPCs give you. The game has a total of 5 different maps to play and a variety of weapon and vehicles to help you roam safely in them.

This game can run on a potato and is available on steam for free.

Published By: Smartly Dressed Games  | First Available: 7 July, 2017 | Get it on: PC


5. Minecraft

As we all know, Minecraft is a very popular open-world block-building creation/survival game by Mojang.

The game consist of many different play modes including a survival mode, where the supplies of building materials and items are limited and player has to mine for different resources available in the nature and need to worry about different creatures and monsters that roam outside, and a  creative mode where  supply of items and resources is unlimited & the health bar of the character is not affected by natural phenomena and monster attacks.

The creative mode is where most of the people spend most of their time. People have created many different real-world things inside Minecraft, from historical buildings to a working cell phone.

The game was first available on 17th may of 2009 and has never seen any downfall in its player base since then.

Published By: Mojang | First Available: 17 May, 2009 | Get it on: PC, XBOX, PS4, Switch


6. Block N Load

Block N Load is a free-to-play block builder FPS game available on steam. The game offers classic 5v5 with the goal is to destroy the enemy’s base while building and protecting yours from them. Block N Load offers many different block types so you can get creative with your structures to lure your enemies into a trap while working on a secret tunnel to their fort.

Each map you load on the server is different and randomized but if you want more fun you can create your own map & invite your friends to play on your new creation. You can also browse Steam Workshop for community made maps.

You can choose between different characters according to your playstyle and beside blocks, this game offers you a wide variety of weapons, traps, and items to defeat your enemies.

Published By: Jagex  | First Available: 30 April, 2015 | Get it on: PC


7. Blocksworld

As the name says Blocksworld is a block building sandbox game, you can create pretty much anything imaginable from huge buildings to flying carpets in this free-to-play indie title. There are many different block types available to choose, from multi-color blocks to different ‘action’ blocks. Blocksworld also support in-game scripting to further make your creations look more active and alive.

The version which is available for PC is a port of the original Blocksworld game for IPad. That is the reason why the game is still in early access and have many original features missing. The bugs are also a huge problem for this game, but the game is still in its early stages and is a port so it can’t be helped.

Published By: Linden Research, Inc. | First Available: 26 September, 2017 | Get it on: PC, IOS


8. Blockland

Another sandbox building title in the list of games like roblox is Blockland. The game is similar to many sandbox block games with no specific story to follow. You create what you want, what you like, how you like. The game supports single-player & various multiplayer modes either online multiplayer or LAN.

Sadly the game is now left unchecked without any developments in recent years. But the gamers community of Blockland is good and is still fun to play in 2018. Hopefully, a new devs team will pick up this project and the fun will go on.

Published By: Blockland LLC  | First Available: 28 February, 2017 | Get it on: PC


9. LEGO Worlds

Lego Worlds is like a simulator of your box filled with legos, but with unlimited bricks and huge space to build. This sandbox game from Warner Bros is available for PC, ps4 & Xbox one for a very hefty price tag.

It does not have a story to follow, but you can build or modify anything that you come across in this world of legos. Roam in the open-world with the help of your creations and vehicles for the search of various secrets and hidden treasures.

Published By: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment | First Available: 7 March, 2017 | Get it on: PC, XBOX, PS4, Switch


10. Mythruna

Mythruna is a game similar to Trove with various sandbox building elements combined with some Roleplaying type gameplay.

The world will be different each time you start a new game because the game generates the worlds randomly so each time you start a new game, it will be a different experience. The game was developed by only one person and the development of the game stopped a long time ago, but it is still fun to roam around and build in its open-world even if there is no multiplayer and no support for online mode.

Published ByPaul Speed | First Available: Unreleased | Check it for: PC


11. Cube World

Cube world is another open-world RPG game in this list with unfortunately no sandbox world creation stuff. But don’t be disappointed yet, if you were looking for games like roblox for its other factors like procedurally generated worlds and block building, along with some classic RPG action like dungeon crawling, monster hunting, crafting & grinding then you will definitely like Cube World.

Despite the game being developed by a team in which only a couple of people are involved, Cube World is a very well designed and beautiful game to play. Like other RPGs, this one also has a class system with 4 classes to choose from, namely Warrior, Rangers, Mages & rouges. You can craft weapons and stuff with resources you find and each different class uses different weapons.

You can play the game in either complete offline mode or set up your own server to play online multiplayer with 3 more of your friends. To be honest the game is not very similar to roblox but if you are willing to try something new with some little twists you can give this game a go.

Published By: Picroma  | First Available: 2 July, 2013 | Get it on: PC


12. KoGaMa

Ko Ga Ma is just like a browser-based version of Roblox. Kogama is not necessarily a game but its a website which allows you to play community made games which were created using the Same engine and code. Basically, it’s a sandbox building game like roblox but with main focus on creating and playing community-based games rather than trying to become a game with a story mode to follow.

They feature thousands of community made games on their website which you enjoy. Some most popular game genres include FPS, arcade, racing, adventure and more. You can also create your very own unique game to share and play with friends.

Playing the games is very simple, you just visit their website and click on any game you want. They also have an android app which you can download if you want to enjoy the action on the go.


Published By: Multiverse ApS | First Available: 2011 | Get it on: PC, Android


This completes my list of similar games like Roblox. now this list was very hard to make as there were not many games similar to Roblox that I could find but I tried my best and came up with 12.

Comment down below if you have ever played Roblox before and if you have, do your favorite games created in Roblox. Also, let me know I if missed any games or you if have more suggestions for this list.

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