10 Best Games like Dead Cells to play in 2022

10 Best Games like Dead Cells to play in 2022

If you are looking for some games like dead cells or games with similar play-style and mechanics then you have stumbled upon the right page.

Dead Cells has started to get more and more attention after it left early access and Version 1.0 got released on Steam. It is a 2D platform game by Motion Twin. it is currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux & various other console platforms. The game is packed with stunning & colorful graphics, a very unique storyline, and many outstanding levels. The layouts of the levels keep changing so you can not follow the same path every time to advance to the next level. Overall it’s a very fun & addictive game to play.

In this article, I have covered some games like dead cells which are similar to dead cells in gameplay, genre & other categories but also are as much fun to play.


                            Games Like Dead Cells


1. Wizard of Legend

Wizard of legend  is a  fun to play action-packed, rogue-like adventure game game by Contingent99, it is the best candidate for the list of games like dead cells, if we look at its graphics and MC model that is.

WoL does not follow any specific story and the total gameplay time is a little short, but it does not want to be a game with a proper storyline & a long ending, rather it features fast-paced gameplay and quick character movements with magical items or relics to go with your specific playstyle.

Like dead cells and many other games listed here, the levels keep changing everytime you revisit them you have to play with new tactics. There are a variety of magical spells to be unlocked and discovered which you can choose according to your playstyle. Although there is no support for online Co-op, it does support local Co-op mode so you can enjoy the game with your friend or play against a friend.

Positive Ratings: 88%

Get it on Steam from here.

Watch gameplay:


2. Wayward Souls

Wayward Souls, an action-packed RPG game by Rocketcat Games. Just like dead cells each level & enemies gets randomized every time you revisit the level, but what makes this game stand out is the storyline or storylines. That’s right, each of the 7 different characters has their own unique ending of the story, they not only have different stories but different playstyles & abilities.

It is a faster-paced RPG which focuses on unpredictable fights with hundreds of different enemies on randomized levels. these features keep the game interesting and unpredictable at the same time. The game is available on steam but is still in early access with some minor bugs and issues.

Positive Ratings: 84%

Get it on Steam from here.

Watch gameplay:


3. Vagante

Want an action-packed Rogue-like RPG to play with your friends? Then Vagante might be the game you are looking for. It is a fun 2D platformer game with Co-op support, both local & online, and randomly arranged levels. This game gives you options to choose your hero, skin & background at the beginning, then as you play on you unlock more customizations for your selected class hero.

For Co-op mode, you have options either to play with up to 4 players using split screen or you can also enter a lobby to play with your friends online. It features five different areas which are very tough to beat but you also get some enchanted items as regards which grants you various powers & other abilities.

When crawling through Dungeons of Vagante, you will know why it comes under the list of similar games like dead cells. There are very dark and shady places in these dungeons and one wrong step can end your life. This game features permanent death so if you die you have to start from the beginning, the levels keep changing randomly each time you visit them so yeah it’s not going to get boring regardless of how much time you play.

Positive Ratings: 89%

Get it on Steam from here.

Watch gameplay:


4. The Binding of Isaac

The binding of the Issac is a Rogue-like, single-player RPG game with lots of turns and twists in the gameplay. Its story revolves around Issac, a boy whos adventure starts from his basements and continues in different randomly generated dungeons facing many different enemies. Each time you die you have to play the game from the start & every time the dungeon, items & the enemies are different.

You enter next level by equipping items which give you powers and then defeating enemies & the boss of the dungeon.

It is a very fun game to play with tons of items to equip, many types of enemies to defeat, and many dungeons to clear. If you liked this game then you can also check out The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which is a fun remake of the original game.

Positive Ratings: 95%

Get it on Steam from here.

Watch gameplay:


5. Enter the Gungeon

Enter the Gungeon is not your average dungeon crawler RPG but it is very tough to beat ‘Gungeon crawler‘ RPG developed by Dodge Roll. It features various Gungeons filled with traps, hard to beat bosses and constantly changing levels. It only has guns for weapons, not your ordinary guns, but guns with their unique tactics and ammunition.

You have different classes of heroes or ‘Gungeoneers’ to choose from. The goal is to defeat the cult of the Gundead and get your hands on the gun that can change the past, Gundeads is a group of people who are willing to give their life for the protection of their temple & its holy gun.

Overall its a very fun game to play although the gameplay is very hard, it does have a story but the game does not revolve around it very much. You can play this game for countless hours and you might get frustrated but you will never get bored.

Positive Ratings: 93%

Get it on Steam from here.

Watch gameplay:


6. Nuclear Throne

This game takes place in a world where humans have become extinct, here mutants and monsters rule over the world. You play as a monster who has to survive this post-apocalyptic world filled with other monsters and mutants.

To survive here, you have to fight and conquer various wastelands with help of your power to mutate new limbs & abilities, and various powerful weapons.

The graphics and sound quality of this game are not that fantastic in my opinion & there is no story following the gameplay, but the breathtaking gameplay, awesome characters, and fun weapons cover up for them. It also offers local Co-op mode so you can play with your friends for more fun.

Positive Ratings: 96%

Get it on Steam from here.

Watch gameplay:


7. Rampage Knights

Rampage Kights is a Rogue-like action-packed indie RPG game. It is a game like dead cells with a similar randomized mechanism for maps, item placements, enemy encounter, traps etc. This game was inspired by two other very popular games in the same genre, Golden Axe & The Binding of Issac. So If you have played any of these two & enjoyed them you are also going to like Rampage Knights.

The story goes like this, you (the character you choose) are trapped by a spell in a magical forest, all the paths that you came across lead only to a nearby castle who is filled with many foul creatures. Your goal is to gather powerful equipment and strength to invade the castle & defeat its sinister master who resides deep in its ruins.

Rampage Knights recommend that you play the game with your friends in Co-op mode but you can also play it in single-player mode. The Co-op mode offers two player slots, either online or locally.
Positive Ratings: 93%

Get it on Steam from here.

Watch gameplay:



8. Sundered

Sundered is a game which is beautiful yet horrifying at the same time.  You play as a Female MC named Eshe. The game features custom hand-drawn animations with breathtaking music and voice-overs.It is 2D platformer game from the Creators of Jotun.

The gameplay is very hard and is the reason for most of the negative hate reviews on steam. But if you are fan of unexpectedly over powerful enemies & turn of events like in dead cells, then you are going to love it. All the levels are procedurally generated, and the story can have multiple endings making it so that you can play it again and again without getting bored.

As of now the game is only available on PC and PS4 and as for other platforms, no news or updates yet.

Positive Ratings: 77%

Get it on Steam from here.

Watch gameplay:



9. Salt and Sanctuary

The Salt and Sanctuary is a 2d Platformer Role Playing game with many similarities to dead cells. The game is very challenging and if you found dead cells to be difficult then this game might not be for you. You have an energy bar along with a health bar. You get various weapon and equipment along with your journey, they use your energy bar as a power source. You start your adventure in a ship in the middle of the ocean and then get ‘dropped’ onto a mysterious island.

Salt and Sanctuary is available on steam for $18 and the total playtime of the game is around 25-30 hrs. Is it worth the price? Well according to me, yes but still you can wait for steam sales or look other sites like humble bundle etc for deals. It is an indie game so bundle sites will most likely have the game key for cheap.

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There are a few bugs here and there in this game but it is receiving updates frequently. On that I found was related to the audio. You can not launch the game if there is no audio output source hooked to your PC.

Get it on Steam from here.


10. Caveblazers

Caveblazers is a Roguelike, action-adventure game by The Yogscast. It is a platformer game which focuses on challenging boss battles and action-packed fighting. Your character starts his adventure in a mysterious cave. As the storyline progresses you make friends and foes along the path.

During this time you also gather many different weapons and item/ skins for your character. Various perks also become available as you start to clear levels and challenges. The game features local multiplayer so you can invite your friends to join you on your adventure.

Get it on Steam from here.


So this concludes my post on similar games like dead cells. We all love to play Dead cells, that is why we are here right? I have only covered 10 games here but I am sure there are other fun games like dead cells out there. If you know any game which I should add to this article do mention in the comments below. The games listed here can run on a mid(or even low) end PC configuration very well, so if you were able to run dead cells on your PC you will not have any problem running these.

(Note: Positive ratings are taken from Steam’s overall rating of the game at the time article was published.)


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