Top 12 Games like Stardew Valley to Play in 2022

Top 12 Games like Stardew Valley to Play in 2022

Stardew Valley might look like any other farming sims game from the above but once you get deep inside, you will be surprised to find that its more than that. You can interact with the local people & befriend them, among the villagers you will have to find your life partner with whom you will take care of the farm. There are many daily chores to take care of like hunting for food, doing fishing, preparing food, mining & many more. But if you think that you have tried every thing that stardew offers and are looking for other similar games to play, then fear not we have got you covered.

There might be many similar games like Stardew valley, but here I have featured 12 games which in my opinion are the best ones out there.

12 Games like Stardew Valley



1. Worlds Dawn

Worlds Dawn reminds me of old-style RPG games with its classic looks, retro NPC models & nice farming sims vibe.

The game starts like any other farming sim, you start as a person who has just arrived in his new farm and is about to start his new farmin’ life. The adventure goes on as you improve your relations with your fellow villagers, farm crops, take care of livestock, find your ‘true’ love and make your farm a better place. There are many secrets and untold stories to be discovered.

To me, the game reminded me more of classic Pokemon RPG games like Emerald or sapphire than any farming sim. But each person have their own opinions, let us know in the comments what do you think about this game.

Positive Ratings: 81%

Get it on Steam from here.


2. My Time at Portia

Currently available as an Early Access game, My Time at Portia is a fantastic simulator type game which revolves around a boy who has just inherited his Pa’s workshop. As you playing the MC’s role here starts your struggle to manage everything that your Pa has left behind in his workshop including finding & mining resources, crafting new items, taking care of the crops and livestock which reside near your workshop, meeting and befriending people of the town & restoring the workshop to its old glory.

It does not offer any co-op mode that you can enjoy with your friends but the single-player experience is very addictive and satisfying that you can enjoy the game for hours and hours. The graphics are very nice and colorful. The grind is real in this game and you can only save your progress when you go to bed and at end of the day. Overall a nice game with plenty of changes coming until it gets out of Early Access.

Positive Ratings: 92%

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3. Terraria

Terraria might not be a farming based game like Stardew but has got all of its survival, building & interaction aspects right. You start as a common adventurer, your goal is to survive in the land of Terraria which in starting appears to be a pretty innocent, joy-filled environment but later on the story transforms into a very harsh, hell like domain. By exploring new secrets, mining for resources, building new structures, fighting for your life you will earn all the glory & honor that you ever wanted.

The worlds are randomly generated and the game can easily turn around by one wrong decision from your side. The game is currently available for a wide variety of devices and platforms including windows, mac, Linux & some major mobile platforms.

Positive Ratings: 97%

Get it on Steam from here.


4. Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town

If you love playing games like Stardew Valley, you will most certainly enjoy this one because Harvest moon is the game who was an inspiration for many games including Stardew. It has got a very unique and interesting storyline.

The gameplay is almost similar to Stardev valley, there are different seasons which you have to look out for when deciding which crops to grow, you can raise different livestock depending on your needs, becoming friends with the NPC villagers. This game is available only on Gameboy Advance but you can play on PC or Android using a supported emulator.



5. Farming Simulator 17

If you are into farming sims games like Stardew valley & Farm Ville then at some point you might have come across this game series. With success of Farming Simulator 11, 13 & 15, this game is their latest addition(F S 19 available for pre-order) in the Farming Simulator series.

Farming Simulator is the best farming sim experience you can get in 2018, Equipped with latest farming vehicles & equipment, you can harvest different types of crops with modern techniques and equipment. Many animals are available to farm including chicken, cows, pigs & sheep. It has mod support and you can play with up to 16 players in multiplayer online mode.

Positive Ratings: 91%

Get it on Steam from here.


6. Don’t Starve

Don’t Starve is an Indie adventure game by Klei Entertainment. While it’s not a farming game, it is a survival sim which will get the best of you if you don’t have the patience or you simply don’t like to wait. It is not as colorful and vibrant as other games like Stardew Valley, but for people like me who like dark and scary sci-fi games more and are fans of games like LIMBO & Inside this game is a must try.

You start in a mysterious world filled with vile creatures and dark secrets. Your goal is to survive there until you find a way back to home. This game really tests your patience & cool. You can gather resources, craft items and even farm for items if it suits you. The maps are generated randomly to ensure that you never have to face the same situations again.

Positive Ratings: 97%

Get it on Steam from here.


7. Re: Legends

Re legends is an RPG farming sim game with a storyline similar to most of the farming sims out there, you starting a new life on distant place away. To survive there you have to farm, befriend… etc etc. But wait there is more to it, the village where you currently reside is filled with magical creatures or monsters know as ‘Magnus’, you get a chance to raise your very own Magnus.

There are many varieties of these creatures on the island and each has their own characteristics, you can raise these creatures as you like and they will help you with your daily tasks and chores.

The island where you live is home to many different creatures some good, some bad, so you have to learn and enhance your combat skills in order to survive. The graphics look cool and are in 3D.

There is much more to this game than I could write because the game is not released yet. It should have been out by Jun 2018 as per its Kickstarter page but as of now (sep 5 2018) it is still unreleased.

Visit their offical or Kickstarter page.


8. Moonlighter

Moonlighter is an interesting pick for this list. During the day you work as an ordinary shopkeeper doing work like selling items, restocking stuff & doing some adjustments to the shop but as soon as the night falls you become an adventurer doing ‘Binding of Issac’ action like fighting monsters, exploring dungeons & collecting items in a randomly generated roguelike environment.

Overall it is a very good action-packed RPG game with beautiful graphics and very unique two-sided gameplay.

Positive Ratings: 74%

Get it on Steam from here.


9. DeiLand

“A nice open-world single-player game with stunning 3d graphics and many attributes which makes it like Stardew valley” is the description which describes Deiland nicely. The gameplay is supposedly relaxing and soothing with nice soundtracks to go along.

The game does not go aggressive on you at any point and you can enjoy playing the game with a cup of tea. If smooth going quests, relaxed gameplay is what you think is not enough in farming sim games like Stardew valley, then do check this one out.

Positive Ratings: 73%

Get it on Steam from here.


10. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

One more game in the list with slow and laid-back gameplay. Yonder is the wonderful piece of art. Its story takes place on a beautiful remote island Gemea where something called ‘murk’ has taken over.

You, as the hero of the island has to take control of the island back from murk using mystical powers of creatures called ‘sprites’.

While dealing with murk, you have to help people on the island by lending them a hand in fields like farming, tailoring, carpentering etc. The experience is very relaxing and will make you play the game again and again.

Positive Ratings: 82%

Get it on Steam from here.


11. Staxel

If Stardew and Minecraft had a child, it would be Staxel. It literally looks like that someone created a farming sim mod for Minecraft and then published it as a game. The story is similar build a farm, help others, gather resources, grow crops and so on. It has options to customize your surroundings and even has partial modding support. You can play this game with your friends, you can even invite them to build their farm next to you or even ask them for help with your fields.

The game is still in Early Access so you will encounter some bugs here & there, but from the gameplay perspective, things are looking good and hopefully all the issues will be resolved on launch date.

Positive Ratings: 74%

Get it on Steam from here.


12. Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale

Recettear is a game which first became available way back in 2010, but is still very popular in the gamers community. It is not a farming sim but you play as a shop owner who runs a small shop built inside her house with her partner. In order to pay the loan that your father took long ago, you have to go out in the wild on some dungeon exploring adventures and defeat monsters for their loot.

Even with all the exploring randomized dungeons and stuff you still have to manage your shop by selling items, keeping your item stock & shop updated, and most importantly taking care of that loan that your father took.

Positive Ratings: 96%

Get it on Steam from here.


So this marks the end of my article on games like Stardew valley, games I listed here will work on almost all PC platforms , consoles and some even on portable devices like mobile, Nintendo 3DS, switch etc with exception to games like Harvest Moon: FMT(requires GBA or emulator) and RE: Legends which is still unreleased. If you want to check out games similar to Dead Cells, click here.

(Note: Positive ratings are taken from Steam’s overall rating of the game at the time article was published.)


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