7 Websites to get Steam Games & Items for Cheap or Free

7 Websites to get Steam Games & Items for Cheap or Free

Steam Sales comes once in a while and getting all the games from steam can hurt your wallet. There are websites out there which can get you some deals on games.

You can get them for very cheap or buy games in bundles to save some money.

OR if you have enough time on your hand you can try to complete some surveys to get games steam gift card and items for free. although i don’t recommend surveys. Some of the websites also do free giveaways for all from time to time so you get games without doing anything.

I will be keeping the descriptions short and sweet.

Lets get started with our list.


1. HumbleBundle


Humble bundle is a website which offers great deals on games , usually the games come in bundles or packages. Some games come with pay what you want offer and others with a discounted price. You can also subscribe to their monthly bundle service which will give you access to free games every month. A part of their profit goes to charity & by selecting Pay What You Want bundle you can even select the amount of money which they donate. They also send free games to your inbox from time to time.





They provide similar services like humble bundle, with different game bundles to choose, they also have a store from where you can buy steam games and other indie for discounted price.

Indiegala runs giveaways from time to time so make sure to keep an eye. And occasionally free games are also delivered to your inbox.


3. G2A

g2a is a well know marketplace for cheap game keys and in-game items. It also offers tons of payment methods through g2apay including paypal, skirill, bitcoin etc.


4. GameTame


Survey sites are also a way to earn some freee in-game ites , games or steam giftcards , GameTame is also one of them.

I do not recommend survey sites in general but i have tried gametame and was able to get a cheap in-game item worth 0.40 $ within 35 mins of doing surveys


5. SwagBucks


Swagbucks is also a well known survey site. It does not offer any games but it does offer Steam gift cards. you earn points by doing surveys and by using those points you can buy gift cards for steam, amazon, google play etc.


6. Kinguin


Kinguin is also a marketplace for games, however it is more known for its cheap Windows and MS Office keys. It offers win10 key for as low as 20$ and does offer bundles including MS office and Windows.


7. GameFlip


GameFilp is more like a store than a marketplace, it offers games, in-game items, steam gift cards & even used consoles and movies.

  • Skins/Items Marketplace

Although these websites does not provide games, but they have excellent inventory of In-Game items.

Before checking steam marketplace i would suggest you to visit these sites and search for your desired item, you are likely to find good deals here.


1. OPSkins


OPSkins is one of the most popular item marketplace right now. It has got a huge inventory of items from popular games like CS:GO, DOTA, PubG, TF2 and many more. The security on the website is also very good, users can either sign in using steam or they can create an account on the website. Users have the option to enable Two Factor Authentication. You can pay by selling other items on their marketplace or you also have other payment options like Paypal, Skrill, G2APaY & Bitcoin.


2. BitSkins

Bitskins is also a similar webisite to OPSkins.

It has inventory of items for games including CSGO, H1Z1, PubG, DOTA, TF2, Payday2, Killing Floor2, Rust, Battalion 1994 & Just Survive.

But it also accepts more cryptocurrency than OPSkins does including Bitcoin, Ethereum & Litecoin along with PayPal & G2APay.


People list their items on these sites for a certain price and after the item gets sold the website gets their cut and pay sellers in real world money (Usually Dollars using PayPal).

If you want to see deals & findings posted by other people, checkout these subreddits.





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