4 Opskins Alternatives for Buying & Selling In-game Items

4 Opskins Alternatives for Buying & Selling In-game Items

So why there is a need for a good opskins alternative?

As you all guys may know that back in 2018, Valve decided to block all of the OPSkins bots. OPSkins was planning to introduce WAX express trade which was, in a way a trading system which bypasses the steam 7-day trade hold. And obviously, Valve didn’t like it and banned all the Bot accounts which were holding the in-game items for opskins.

OPSkin users had a time of two weeks to withdraw their items, as of now you all the items which were not withdrawn are trade banned which means you can not trade them in any way. So it requires us to find alternative services which work similar to opskins.


Update: opskins.com is no longer accessible.

Or you might just be looking for another site like opskins because you are not satisfied with their services or their rates are too high or you want to compare prices of items on various sites. Whatever your reason is, here are some similar sites like opskins for you to check out.


OPSkins Alternatives:


1. Bitskins

Bitskins.com is a website which has exited along with opskins from a long time and in my opinion is the best opskins alternative out there but has recently gained more popularity after the opskins ban.

One more reason for its popularity is the fact that after the ban, people were panicked that their skins & other in-game items will lose their value so they started panic selling them, which resulted in a huge number of discounts on items on BitSkins.

Bitskins works in a very similar way to opskins and atm is one of the best sites like opskins, currently having items listed for 30 to 40% lower from their normal price. They have in-game items for most of the games which opskins had like CS: GO, PUBG, DOTA2, H1Z1, TF2 etc.

Bitskins is not the only alternative out there but it is the best one, in my opinion, however, for some reason you are not satisfied with BitSkins I will list you some other good opskins alternatives


2. Csgoshop

One site from where I used to buy skins and keys before I heard about opskins is csgoshop. They are one of the oldest ones out and offer skins, keys etc for cheap rates. Their inventory of items especially for csgo is very good and you can find great deals on items over there. Currently, on csgoshop you buy in-game stuff for games including DOTA2, CS: GO & TF2. For sellers, csgoshop has a fixed payout day, on the specified day the money gets credited to your bank account that you have added.


3. Igvalut

Another good site to buy and sell those in-game items. On igvault you can buy and sell skins for games like csgo, pubg and even fortnite.

One thing that is unique about ig vault is that they don’t only sell in-game items, but also games as well, they have many popular titles on their website available for a discounted price.


4. SkinXchange

Skinxchange is an old site which also became popular after the downfall of opskins. They have an excellent inventory of in-game items, currently only for csgo skins but soon plan to launch a Pubg section on the site as well.

They started instant cashout offer some time ago and it is still going on, if you are trying to quickly sell your skin you should give them a try. Suppose you sold your skin and the money came to our account, on opskins you will have to wait 2-3 days for the money to get deposited in your account.

But in the case of skinsxchange, you can now instantly get your money in the bank without delay.



How these sites are trading or selling items even when 7-day trade hold is on?

The answer is simple. When a seller’s item become trade-able he deposits his item to sites’ bot, after he deposits (or in simple words: trades) his item to one of these sites it gets affected by trade hold. Now the seller has two options either to list the item with trade hold on it or to wait for 7 days and after that list his item, which has now become tradeable.

You will be able to buy even if the item is on trade hold at that time, the item gets added to your account and then you can withdraw it when the trade holds lifts.


How to Get your OPSkins money on BitSkins?

If you decide to use BitSkins, but all your balance is on your OPskins account, there is a very easy to transfer your balance from op to bit skins.

First login into your bitskins account and click on your avail. balance which is on the top right corner. Then select Ethereum and then click on ‘permanent Ethereum deposit address’. Copy the address and proceed to opskins.

On opskins, click on your name on the top right and select cashout, scroll down on the page, select ethereum and type your ethereum wallet address there. One thing you might want to know that the minimum cashout is 50$.



So this concludes my post. If you are looking to buy skins or other in-game items, then this is your chance to get them for cheap because with time the prices of many items will come back to where they were before OPSkins bots got banned. The sites that I have listed above are not the only sites like opskins, but these are 4 of the best alternatives to opskins in my opinion and whether you are looking for csgo skins or any other in-game items, you are more likely to find cheaper deals on these 4 websites than anywhere else.

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