How to Lower PING in Online Games

How to Lower PING in Online Games

Have you ever asked yourself “why is my ping so high” or why you are the only guy in the lobby who’s ping is skyrocketing? Well we all have been through this at least once and let me tell you, high ping has ruined my gaming experience many times. I was this close from getting that kill and all of a sudden i am ded men.

It can be very frustrating when you are playing a matchmaking match of your favorite online multiplayer game and then suddenly your movement starts to go crazy, you are teleporting to places and you keep missing your shots. This usually happens when your ping suddenly spikes up and inconsistent lag starts to occur.

Below, I have listed some ways which can help you get rid of the high Ping/latency issues. But if you want to see how you can boost up your PC’s overall gaming performance you can check the link below:

Continuing to the post here are some solutions for your question about “how to lower ping” that will hopefully help you to lower your ping while playing your favorite game:

How to Lower Ping in Online Games


1. Check which app (or who) is using your network’s Bandwidth

Now you are sitting here thinking ‘how to lower my ping?’. But the answer might be very simple. this is the most common issue which causes the inconsistent “lag” in your games. Something starts to download in the background or someone connects to your network and stats to download something while you are playing your game. It will cause difficulties for your game to connect with the servers and as the result, the ping will rise.

Fortunately, it can be easily spotted and fixed.

  • Use task manager

You can use the task manager on windows to check which programs are using your bandwidth and then close it.

In case it is windows update it is very hard to stop it but is still possible.

To stop Windows Update you can follow this guide by windows central.

Glasswire is a network monitoring tool for PC which comes very handy when it comes to finding out which apps or processes are using your data or how many people are connected to the same network as you. It can also block out certain apps from using the internet at all. But this is a paid feature. It comes with a 7-day trial, but don’t worry basic features like network monitoring and connected devices are free to use.


2. Try Gaming VPNs

You might already have heard about these somewhere before. These VPN’s or Proxy software work by tunneling your connection through their tunnels (servers which are located around the globe) and then make a connection with game servers, Thus resulting in lower ping or some what reduced ping

Now, these services will likely not work for all people but you can try them for your self and see if they helped you reduce your lag or not.

Here is a list of few of them:

Features: Very cheap, only pay for the bandwidth that you consume, refund in 2 weeks if you are not satisfied

Features: Free 7-day trial, cheap, very fast support

Features: Trusted by many, works pretty well, supports almost all moba & fps games

Features: Packs starting from 1.66$/mo, supports csgo, dota, lol and 100+moba and other games, refund in 16 days if not satisfied.

3. Change your ISP’s Router

Many people still use the default routers they got with their ISP. It may work well for some tasks like normal internet browsing but it can also be the problem which is causing you the lag in your games because if your a getting an internet plan of 12$ a month, the ISP is already providing you cheap internet so they will make some sacrifices in quality and features of the modem & router that they are providing with the connection.

Third-party routers usually come with a very good software which has more features and utilities than any ISP’s modems.

You can always check online for reviews and forums about your ISP and modem & see if other people are facing same problems as well. If they are then you should consider changing your ISP or at least try a third-party modem.

4. Go Wired

Going wired can significantly lower your ping if you are always playing on Wi-Fi and there are several other people connected on the same wifi network as you. You should connect your modem directly to your PC and see if it changes anything.

It usually works and may reduce your ping by 5-10.

5. Contact your ISP (or switch ISP)

If you are facing high ping or latency issues only at a certain time or it occurs at a specific hour or even randomly throughout the day it may be very possible that at that current time your ISP is facing problems. In that case, you should contact your ISP and verify the same with them. There is usually more than one way to contact them like phone numbers & emails.

You can find this information on your bill or you can also search it on google.

If nothing works out for you then consider changing your ISP.

This concludes my post on how to lower ping in online games. I hope it helped at least some of you guys, make sure to write in the comments below if this post helped you in any way and if it didn’t also comment what problems are you facing.

Thank you.

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