How to Make Your PC Run Games Faster

There are many reasons which can make your PC run slower than it used to run on the day you first got it. These problems can also affect your gaming experience & performance. There are many ways that can cause games to run slow. In this post, I will try to address some major ones of them and help you to solve them.

These tips will not only solve your gaming problems but will also make your PC run a lot more effectively in everyday use. But keep in mind that specs of your computer system also matter, and your internet speeds also play a huge role when it comes to online multiplayer games.

With this out of the way, let’s get started.

1. Install an Antivirus or update your Windows Defender

Some people may say that they don’t need an antivirus or they know everything about their computer but it is very important to have an antivirus on your computer you don’t know when a virus will infect your system and compromise your performance and data. If you don’t want to pay for it you can get a free one like Avast, AVG, etc.

They will do the job for you or at least please check your windows defender settings, update it and then fully scan your computer if you are doing a scan in a long time. It works pretty well and can save you from most of the attacks.


Although it will not make your pc runs games faster, but, if your computer is infected and the resources are being hogged by a malware/virus, cleaning them will free up resources for games to use; And will also increase the overall security of your device.

One other thing that i would like to recommend you is to install MalwareBytes and perform a quick scan with it. Doing this will eliminate any virus or adware which may be slowing down your computer.



2. Overclocking your GPU

This one is a little risky one as it can affect how long your Graphics Card will last as overclocking a GPU squeezes a little bit more performance from the card. However, it is not necessarily true because the first thing that most people do when they get a new GPU is overclocking. It can help you achieve the sweet 60 FPS mark or it at least make the game run a little bit smoother than before.


3.Cleaning your PC (Internal Components)

Random reboots, certain slowdowns or too much noise when you are playing some games or when your computer is under heavy load.

It may be caused by the dust which has settled inside your CPU case and has clogged up the fans, air vents & power supply. Open up your CPU case (or in case of a laptop open the back panel) and clean as much as you can(Warning: Do not use vacuum cleaners and properly ground yourself so you don’t accidentally zap your PC components with static electricity).


4. Cleaning PC (Junk files, unwanted registry entries, temp files etc.)

Install Ccleaner or any other cleaning program of your choice and do the following things

  1. Perform a Cleaning Operation
  2. Clean registry. (optional)
  3. Uninstall unwanted programs
  4. Setup apps which can start with the windows


If you want to clean a  specific drive only, you can just select the drive by single-clicking on it and then selecting Manage and then going to Cleanup from the top menu of the window. (See Screenshots Below)



5. Updating your GPU Drivers

Your GPU’s Drivers can be the problem which is slowing down your games because as new games releases Graphics card’s manufactures push updates to make sure that their GPU’s can run the latest titles.

For Nvidia cards, you can install GeForce Experience (or open it if already installed). Then click on check for updates and then hit download.

For AMD cards got to their website, click on the Download now button which is below the “Automatically Detect and Install Your Driver” window and install it. It will automatically detect your GPU and then install the latest drivers accordingly.



6. Solving PING issues

High ping or latency can ruin a game’s overall playing experience. It can cause slow loading of maps, players disappearing in front of you and can cause you to miss shots and hits.

Now there are many things which can affect the latency like servers are located very far from where you live, your ISP is facing some problems at that time, but the most common one is that some process or services are consuming data in the background. To solve this you can check Network usage by visiting Task Manager

Or you can use firewall software like Glasswire.



6.1 Gaming VPNs

If you are located far away from the game server you can use services like WTFast, Mudfish, PingZapper, etc. They are “gaming VPNs” and promise to deliver a better online gaming experience by tunneling your gaming traffic through their servers and doing some optimizations.

They can help in certain situations like if your internet speed is good and you are only facing high ping issues in a certain game, but the other games (with servers in the same region) have a low & stable ping.



7. Lowering down the Graphics

Last tip is that you can adjust some setting on the game like motion blur, antialiasing & textures and turn them down a little bit so that it does not affect your graphics majorly and can get you a little performance boost.

This is applicable for most of the games and you will be surprised by how much difference these little settings make.


So the main points are:

  • Clean your PC (software part & hardware part)
  • Perform an Antivirus Scan
  • Update your GPU drivers
  • Overclocking your GPU
  • Get rid of high Ping
  • Adjust the Graphics

This concludes my post on how to make your pc run games faster,


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Thanks for reading.

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