How to Mute People in CS:GO (3 Methods)

This is a common question in csgo, How to mute other people which are on the same server(game) as you. Especially the enemy team if they are spamming you with unnecessary messages in the chat.

There are different ways by which you can mute other people in csgo. Some will mute or block only players from the enemy team, some will block a certain person or two. And there is even a way by which you can actually mute only the voices of your teammates. As you all know the game has recently received the panorama UI update. So if you are wondering if these methods work on panorama? The answer is Yes.

Here I will show you 3 different methods by which you can block or mute other people on the server, whether they are your teammates or enemies.



1. Mute/Block people using Scoreboard

This is a very basic method and is very easy to perform. It is useful when you are in a match and want to mute let’s say the enemy team’s messages on chat or your teammates.

1. When in a match, press and hold the TAB key, it will open a screen like this:

2. While holding TAB, hover you’re to one of the players (either enemy or teammate) profile and do a right-click.

3. Now it will open a little dialog box with player info and some options. What you have to do is to click on the little speaker icon from the options and it will block all communication with the player. You will no longer hear or see messages from the specific player.


2. Using ‘voice_enable’ command

Here is the second way to mute people in csgo. I use this method myself and IMO it is the best as the most efficient way if your teammates are annoying and you want to focus more on the game. It works really well and is not that hard to use, you can even set a bind for this which will make your work easier.

This method uses a command which you can type into the console. It will mute every player (except you) which is currently on the server or the present game. You can still talk on the mic and your teammates will be able to hear you but you won’t hear them.

What I like to do is to bind this command with a button. So whenever I need to mute my teammates, let’s say during a clutch round, I can do it with one click. And also un-mute works the same way, just press the button again and you can now hear your teammates.

To set a bind you can paste the code in the console, which will require you to put the command every time you start the game. Else you can write the code in your autoconfig file which will load the Bind automatically. I recommend the ‘autoconfig‘ way because it will save you a lot of hassle and you don’t need to enter the code every time you fire up CS:GO.

How to Enable Console:

Console plays and very important role in CS:GO, it can be used for many different things but here we are going to use it to Bind a key to our ‘Mute’ command.
1. It is a very easy process, when you are in the home screen of the game, choose “Options“.

2. From there select Game Setting and scroll down until you see the “Enable Developer Console (~)” option.

3. Turn it on, go back to the home screen and press “~” key on your keyboard. It is just below the Escape (Esc) key, when you will press it, the console should open.


Here is how to locate the autoexec file:

You can also check this little tutorial on how to set autoexec.cfg: How to create a autoexec file


The cfg folder location for CSGO is “C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\%Your_UserID%\730\local\cfg“. There you will find autoexec.cfg. If the file is already there then open it in notepad or if there isn’t any, create a new text file and rename it to autoxec.cfg.

Now paste the following code on a new line in the bottom of the autoexec file.

BindToggle mouse5 voice_enable


Just make sure that you have written host_writeconfig on the end of the autoexec if it isn’t already.

Replace mouse5 with the button that you want to set for the Bind. Here I have selected mouse5 which is one if the button on the side of the mouse.

Also if the autoexec is not working, you can add the following line of code into your launch options for csgo: + exec autoexec


3. Muting enemy team using ‘cl_mute_enemy_team’

If you are looking to only mute enemy team’s messages then this method is for you. It utilities a command which you can put into your console which will mute every player in the enemy team. Meaning you will not be able to see their messages in the chat box, it will also block their voice if you are playing on a custom server and have all_talk on.

You need to type cl_mute_enemy_team 1 in your console to activate this command. To set a Bind, follow the guidelines provided above to do so. You just need to add a line(” cl_mute_enemy_team 1″) in the end before host_writeconfig.

There you go, these are the 3 ways by which you can mute people in csgo.

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