How to play android & iOS games on PC and MAC

How to play android & iOS games on PC and MAC

At this movement mobile gaming is getting more attention than ever before because of the launch of games like PubG, RoS, freefire and other battle arena type games on android & iOS. MOBA titles are also making their way to mobile gaming with millions of downloads and still counting. And not to mention the other mobile games like Clash of Clans, Royal Revolt, Candy Crush etc.

So why you want to play mobile specific games on PC? well because of the amount of control you get on the game using keyboard and mouse and the big screen.


  • Play android games on PC & MAC

To play android games on your computer you can use two methods

  1. Install an android emulator
  2. Mirror your screen


1. Installing an android emulator

Currently there are many different options to choose from in terms of android emulators.

Blustacks, MEmu, NOX Player & Andy are a few of the emulators which provide decent android gaming performance on pc.


2. Mirroring your screen

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of installing an emulator you can also mirror your android phone’s screen to your PC.

Mirroring means that you will see exactly with is on your mobile device in your PC & by using some apps you can even play games using controls on your PC.

Apps that support mirrior and also control features:

1. ApowerMirror

One app that i found was ApowerMirror. By using it you can not only mirror your devices screen but you can also control it.

Setting it up is very easy. First download ApowerMirror both on your android and PC then connect your computer and phone to the same wifi network.

Or you can also connect your phone using USB, it requires you to enable USB debugging first.

2. MobileGo

MobileGo is packed with features like managing your device, file manager, some tools which allow you to root your device, recover and erase data data or clone one phones data to other and also Mirroring of-course.

  • Play iOS games on PC & MAC

Like android their are also two ways to play iOS games on your computer. Mirroring and simulators(not emulators).

But i don’t think it is possible to control your Iphone or Ipad using your computer, you will have to use your as controllers.

The only thing you can do is to cast your device to your computer but not control it.


So the next option are simulators, as surprising it may seem there are no emulators made to run iOS(correct me if i am wrong, write in comments). One of the popular IPad simulator is Ipadian, it only runs specific apps made for it and does not support Apple App Store. The other one that i recommend is

The ones which are also available on MAC:

Unlike Ipadian, is not a program but instead it uses cloud based technology to run apps on your web browser.

In conclusion it is very much possible to run both Android and iOS (somewhat possible)games on your computers but running android on your PC is more easy and gives more performance & stability in comparison to iOS. Even if you want to play your favorite iOS game on PC, generally there is an android version available. For example when developers and publishers release their games , they make try to make them available on both iOS & android.

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