Best MMO Role Playing Games like RuneScape [2022]

Best MMO Role Playing Games like RuneScape [2022]

Runescape is one of the greatest MMORPG of all time. The game is free-to-play and can run on almost any machine. Even after its release in Jan 2001, Runescape has not lost its charm & is still being played by thousands of players on daily basis.

The game is not playable anymore on browsers like Chrome and Firefox like it used to be and now a client application is required to play it on PC. But I know you are not here for this info, So here are some similar MMO Role-Playing games like Runescape to play.

It does not matter if you like Old School Runescape (OSRS) more or prefer the new version of Runescape (RS3). The games listed here are some of the best MMO games like Runescape in my opinion.


1. Eldevin

Eldevin is a free-to-play MMO RPG game like Runescape. If you have played Runescape before, that I think you have, you will start to get the same vibes from this game as soon you land your foot on the Eldevin Kingdom, the graphics are similar to what you will find in most of the old school MMORPG’s, has a nice story to follow, the grind is real here too with hunt for resources with tons of quest to do. The game almost feels like a clone of Runescape.

Eldevin the game was released on steam way back in 2014, development for this game is pretty much nonexistent. But the main problem here is the player base. Nowadays it mostly tops at 50 players per day. So if you want to try Eldevin, you better get your friends to play this game along with you.

Now, I am not saying that you should not try this game or anything but as you know games like Runescape and this one are more enjoyable if you have other people to accompany you on your quests. Overall the game is nice and available for free, so you can definitely give this one a try .

Published By: Hunted Cow Studios | First Available: 06 November, 2014 | Get it on: PC


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2. Albion

Albion online is a classic sandbox MMORPG. The Graphics are somewhat modern while comparing to other old classic MMO’s. Rather than giving you options for different classes, Albion offers you various items & weapons that you can switch in order to create a character with attributes as per your liking.

The game offers clan system so you can team up with your fellow members to conquer the world of Albion. Along with classic RPG dungeon action, You can also enjoy some PvP gameplay against your friend or foe.

This game has ‘guild vs guild’ battles to decide who will take home all the dirty money. They have many different zones in which you can battle your opponents. The red zone of the game has a Full loot system, which means if you die there you will lose everything that you own.

The grinding, just like most of MMO RPG’s is also present here. You can either grind hard like you used to in Runescape or you can pay for the resources. Combine it with the $ 30 price tag, the game is not cheap at all. Albion online is available for many systems including some handheld devices with support for cross-platform gameplay.

Published By: Sandbox Interactive GmbH | First Available: 17 July, 2017 | Get it on: PC


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3. Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is the next installment of the popular MMORPG series Guildwars by ArenaNet. The game is free to play and has got a very stable player-base. Just like other RPGs you can also do dungeon crawling stuff here, either alone or with guild members.

You can form guilds with other members of the community, Guild vs Guild fights do take place and are very rewarding. You can join a maximum of 5 guilds at a time. Along with GvG, PvP & PvE battles are also part of the Guild wars2’s battle system.

The battles are short and fast-paced. But the game mechanics have various different moves and actions, if you are a beginner to Guild wars series or this genre of games is new to you, it will take a lot of time to master all of the movements and gameplay.

You have a total of 8 professions (classes) to choose from. To go along with the professions you also have options to choose various skills, items & weapons as per your playstyle. The story system for this game is a little different. It progresses along with you as you start making decisions for yourself. The storyline will build upon your actions and the decisions you take.

Published By: ArenaNet | First Available: 28, August 2012 | Get it on: PC


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4. Rift

Another awesome game in the MMO Role-playing genre. Rift a free to play title by Trion Worlds came out back in 2011 and has seen many waves of rising and downfall since then, Mostly because of the developers ‘hard to grind easy to buy’ or pay2win type of criteria.

Your adventure starts in a place called Telara, a world filled with many creatures, dungeons, and interesting stories.

The game is very well designed and optimized, but the same can not be said about the item buying part of the game, surely you can find weapons & items as good as the paid ones by grinding some resources and just being lucky but you might get fed up at some point.

The game is available on steam as a free to play title but however, as we all know the ‘free to play’ tag is just for show in most of the MMO’s. It appears its the same in Rift.


Published By: Trion Worlds | First Available: 24 October, 2013 | Get it on: PC


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5. Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles

Yonder, on first looks, might not look anything in comparison to other games like Runescape. And it actually not, it all depends on your perspective, what comes into your mind first when you think about Runescape, what are the things that you want in games like Runescape?

Think of it as a single-player, colorful and laidback version of Runescape. Once you will start to pour your time into this game you will start to realize that there are some similarities. You collect things from different parts for crafting, you farm resources, you prepare resources for you and your fellow villagers.

You start on the island of Gemea where ‘murk’ is trying to take over the island. While helping the locals with different things like farming, carpentering etc, you have to stop ‘murk’ in its tracks.

The gameplay is very laid back with no fighting/combat action and quest are fun n easy to complete. The game only offers a single player mode but is quite enjoyable even without multiplayer. If you want to try something that feels like Runescape but also very different, try this one out.

Published By: Prideful Sloth | First Available: 10 July, 2017 | Get it on: PC


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6. Mabinogi

Mabinogi, an MMO style Fantasy RPG with the characters having anime-inspired artwork style, and there is no specific goal or target that you need to keep in mind while playing this game, you can do whatever you want in this fantasy game. Like if you want to, you can choose a laid-back life and enjoy your time on a farm or you can do the fun-dungeon crawling, monster hunting stuff if you want to.

Even if you feel like you want to try thing from start you can try ‘rebirth’. It is an option available in Mabinogi that allows you to reset your characters age, gender, exp./lvl. etc while keeping the titles, items, skills, ranks etc.

The equipment/item collection in Mabinogi is also huge, featuring tons of weapons & equipment with various cosmetic options.

There are many professions that you can choose, you have options to choose from being a carpenter, shopkeeper, seller etc, and of course, it also has dungeon exploring, quests & monster hunting that other games like Runescape have.

The game is an MMO with singleplayer, multiplayer & Coop modes, but sadly the game is not out of the consoles and handheld devices yet, it is currently available on steam for free.

Published By: Nexon America Inc. | First Available: 6 December, 2012 | Get it on: PC


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7. ArcheAge

Another game on the list by the publisher notorious for their P2W titles, Trion Worlds, ArcheAge is an open world, fantasy based MMORPG.

The game is set in an open world environment where you must survive and rise despite all of the odds. The almost same story as MMOs like Runescape offer, but in AcheAge not just land but seas and oceans are also yours to control, you can also go roam in the bottom of the ocean if you like.

in the world of ArcheAge, you can be a dungeon crawler who collects and sells items & stuff for profit or you can be a hunter or explorer who seeks adventures. Guilds or clans whatever you want to call them can also be formed if you don’t want to go alone to conquer dungeons or enemies.

The game is currently not in its formal glory as the reviews for this game were ‘Mostly Negative’ atm this article was posted. But the game has definitely seen some good days and with a little help from the community and the developers, it again will.

Published By: Trion Worlds | First Available: 27 March, 2015 | Get it on: PC


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So here we are at the bottom of this post about games like Runescape. I hope you liked the list that I came up with. There are a total of 7 games that I featured, some of them are almost exact games like Runescape while others are somewhat similar yet different (take Yonder for example).

Now I was not able to cover all the games like Runescape just because I didn’t know about them or I simply didn’t think they were similar.

If you know any other MMOs like Runescape that you think should be here, do comment down below.

Also, do check out some of the other related posts listed below.

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