15+Best Sites like G2A (Cheap & Safe Alternatives) 2022

15+Best Sites like G2A (Cheap & Safe Alternatives) 2022

G2a.com, one of the most trusted online store for buying & selling game keys, in-game items, gift cards, and other gaming related stuff. The items and keys you get on g2a are usually cheaper than steam and other sites selling the same items and you can get great deals there.

But still, G2A is not the only one providing cheap CD keys, Gift cards & in-game items. There are many other sites out there which are similar to G2A and some even better in terms of offers and discounts. So for that reason, I have covered various sites here which will help you find CD keys, Pre-order deals, Bundles games, Gift cards, and In-game items for cheap.



Best Sites like G2A for Cheap CDkeys


1. Kinguin

Kinguin is considered one of the best sites like g2a to buy cheap CD game keys, and it is for a reason. They not only have Steam games but games keys for Origin, GOG, Battle.net can also be purchased from them. On the Items store page, you will see useful information like if the games are region-locked or not, what are the requirements to run it, who is the seller, which platform is the key for, how much discount you are getting on it etc etc.

Along with game CD keys, they offer essential PC software keys for cheap. You can get windows keys, office keys, various anti-virus software and more at a discounted price. They also provide game keys and digital copies of games for consoles. Currently, users can sell and buy games for PS3, PS4, XBOX One, XBOX 360, Nintendo WII and Switch.

Just like g2a, prepaid cards or gift cards can also be bought from them. Along with the popular steam Gift cards, they have stocks of PSN, Android, Battle.net and even Netflix cards.


2. GreenManGaming

If you were looking for sites like G2A especially for buying cheap and popular AAA games then GreenManGaming is the right one for you. This site serves mostly AAA and other popular titles along with a small number of indie games. If you need DLCs and other ‘add-ons’ for games that you own, you can found for them in ‘ADD-ONS’ section of GMG. They also offer in-game currency and coin packs for various games including GTA Online, EVE, NcSoft and more.

The site’s layout is very clean and is easy to browse. They show costs and prices in your own local currency so you can get a better idea of the Price you are getting the game for. As for payments they support most of the Debit/Credit Cards along with PayPal.

Most of the unreleased games can also be found on GreenManGaming. You can visit their Coming Soon section to see which games are available for pre-purchase, click on any title to see what will you get and when will you get it after you buy the game.


3. GameFilp

Gamefilp is a trusted & good alternative to G2A for getting CD keys and in-game items. From their launch in 2005, they are giving their services to the gaming community. One thing which makes GameFlip different than other sites on the list is that they have CD keys as well as actual physical games for sale. You can buy old school Console games from here, they have a nice collection of NES, N64, DS, and 3DS games. So if have your old console laying around you can check some of these games out.

You can buy CD keys along with in-game items and DLCs from here, and also movies! both physical and digital copies are available for sale. From GameFlip, you can buy games for Playstation, Nintendo and Xbox console. As for PC games, you can get cheap PC game keys from Steam, UPlay, GOG, Battle.net, and Origin.

Another thing to look out on their site is the Gift cards. Usually, they are always on sale and you can make a quick buck by getting them from here rather from official sources.


4. SCDkey

Need a site to get cheap game keys safely and fast? Well, then SCDkey is for you. Most of the PC game keys can be bought from here. Including keys from Steam, Ogrin, and Uplay. You can also get Gift cards for different services like PlayStation, Xbox, and Steam from here. You want to pre-order a game, or get your hands on an early access title, head to their coming soon section and look for the game. Once there you will see all the early access titles they have available and which ones are about to go on sale.

Once you have selected the item you want to buy you will land upon the Product description page. There you will see all the information like Platform, Region, Availability, and price.

As for support, if you need any help with your order or anything, they will be glad to help you. You can contact them via their 24/7 chat service and within a minute or two they will answer your query.


5. Gamers Gate

Gamers Gate provides some of the best steam & well as non-steam keys for cheap prices. no matter if you want AAA titles or some small indie games, they have got it all. Just like some bundle sites they have an under $1 tab for indie games. You can get keys for dirt-cheap from there to build up your inventory or to gift someone.

Like site G2A, you can buy(pre-order) unreleased games from here. if you. If you want to pre-order a game you should check and compare the prices on these sites. Most of the times the prices are almost identical but sometimes you can hit jackpot and save a few dollars.

One neat thing about their site is that like G2A, they also localize their sites Interface. It might not seem like much but seeing the site (and prices of games/items) in your own language does matter and can get people to buy on your site.


6. DLgamer

They have an option on their site which allows you to sort out games for your platform (Linux/Mac/Windows). It shows supported games according to your Operating system. By selecting an OS you will see all the supported games keys which will work on your System and which distributor they are from (Steam/Origin etc).

They have a large collection of PC games keys from different PC vendors, you can get Steam, Uplay, Origin & GOG CD keys. All genres of games like action, adventure, indie, RPG, Simulation etc are on their site.

As for the sales and Discounts on DLgamer, they will not disappoint you. I have seen AAA titles going for 50% of their price and for indie & small games, you can buy them for as low as $1.You can pay using over 15 payment methods and they have a 5-Star Rating on Trust Pilot so no need to worry about the authenticity of keys.


7. GamesRocket

GamesRocket is in the business for more than 8 years now. They sell game keys, software and gift cards for cheap prices. Every 24-hour they bring you daily deals on their site, they call it “DEAL ROCKETS”. Most of these deals are for indie games but sometimes titles from big publishers also appear there.

No games for Xbox and PlayStation are available but they do have some for Nintendo consoles. Along with consoles they also have PC software keys like antivirus, Video editors, etc. All the stuff sold there comes as digital keys so you will get your keys almost instantly after purchase.

You can also get online memberships for consoles. They provide plans for Xbox (Gold), Nintendo Switch (online membership) and PlayStation (Plus).


8. Instant Gaming

With a Trustpilot score of 5, Instant-Gaming is one of the best trustworthy sites like G2A. You can use their filters to easily look for the type of games you need. You can set your language, price, Ratings, platform and most importantly, the region where the game is for. Games keys for Steam, Uplay, Battle.net, Origin, GOG are available here. As for consoles, You can get Xbox, PS4 & Nintendo (3DS) games (digital copies). Payment can be done using Skrill, PayPal or Bitcoin.

Their product page looks like the ones you see on eBay. They show how many users are currently on the page, how many keys remaining, languages the game support, genre tags and more useful info like System Req. and Platform. Who even reads this, comment down below if you are. Anyways do check them out if you need good deals on CD keys & games.


9. CdKeys

CdKeys is one of the oldest & well-known sites to get games from, they offer PC(Steam, Origin, UPLAY), Xbox (One, Windows), PSN (PlayStation 4) and Nintendo (Wii U, 3DS, Switch) games. All of games codes are provided through digital copies and are instantly delivered to the buyer. You can pay for your keys or codes using Cards, Apple Pay, PayPal, and even Bitcoin, which not all of these sites support. All the transactions are done for ‘free’, they will not charge any Payment fee from you.

Many of the AAA titles they are providing are going for much cheaper than Steam even some are 5-10% more cheaper than the competitors. Just like g2a and some others, they do provide Upcoming games for pre-order, you can usually get them for 30% off from them.


10. GamesDeal

gamesdeal is a marketplace for Cheap CD keys, Console games, and Gift Cards. They have a deals page which keeps track of the current ongoing deals on their site. here they show you limited time offers, best deals and their surprise deals. Most of the deals that you will get will be for games from big publishers, not much indie stuff here.

GamesDeals also offers a service called ‘Cloud Activation’. Games which are available under this service are a little cheaper than the actual deal price. By using this service you can activate a game on your account without a key, but they need access to your account and your Steam guard code of course. Sounds like a scam right? It probably isn’t but I still would advise you to just get the regular good-old keys instead.

And Just like G2A, they do offer customer support, but instead of the ticket system, they have a 24/7 Chat service which you can use to contact them.


11. GOG

GOG (Previously knows as Good Old Games) is digital distribution site of PC games for MAC, Linux, and Windows. While it is a good G2A alternative you can also use as an alternative for steam if you want. They offer a PC client called GOG Galaxy, it is a Software steam which you can install to enjoy the games they offer.

They have a variety of sorting options which will help you to find deals. You can select the Genre of the game that you are looking for, language, Platform, Features & max/min price. You can also set it to Free/ Discounted games if you are looking for some cheap games to play this weekend.

They also provide a good after-sales service, you can hop on to their forums and post your query. You will usually get your answer in a couple of hours either by the GOG staff or community.


12. IsThereAnyDeal

IsThereAnyDeal does not provide you any games, keys or anything like that. Instead, they track deals on various sites and bring you good deals and offers from a variety of sites like G2A, Kinguin, GreenmanGaiming etc. They also track game bundles on bundle site (humble bundle, indiegala, Itch.io etc).

They usually show deals which are not worth missing and be getting these Games/Bundles you usually end up getting way more than what you paid for. Want coupon codes or vouchers? No problem they do that too. You can find various coupons which will help you get a discount on game Key distribution sites. Every coupon code is marked if it is still usable of has Expired, so no worry about getting invalid codes.





G2A Alternatives for Game Bundles


13. Humble Bundle

A great site is known for its offers on games and great bundle deals. Their Store Section is OK but the bundles are where they really shine. New bundle comes every month offering 3 to 4 popular games. Most monthly bundles contain at least one AAA title and the rest are also very good quality, well-made games. The price for their Monthly Bundle subscription is $12/month.

They have a store page which lists all the offers currently going on their site. There you will find the deals and ongoing offers that they currently have running. Most of the games offered here are from indie developers and you can get them for dirt cheap price.

By signing up and subscribing to their newsletter you become eligible for receiving free game keys & other offers. You will get deals and offers directly in your inbox. They even send free game keys from time to time, so it is recommended signing up on their site even if you don’t plan to spend your money there.

That is very cheap considering the games you are getting and you can cancel it anytime. A percentage of what you buy from them goes to charity and with some regular offers, monthly deals, pay-what-you-want bundles, HumbleBundle is the site to consider when looking for g2a alternatives.


14. Itch.io

Itch.io is a site dedicated for providing us game keys from the indie genre. They provide well made indie games from small developers at a fraction of their real price. Some titles, you can even get for free during sales or promotional events.

Game keys on Itch.io are available for dirt cheap prices. And if you decide to buy them in bundles, then get ready for unbelievable deals and offers. Usually, you can pick up 1 or 2 games together at discount, you can keep one for yourself and gift others to your friends.


15. IndieGala

Along with HumbleBundle & itch.io, IndieGala is considered one of the best sources to get Cheap keys for Indie games. Along with indie games, they do have good deals on triple A titles as well. You can get at least 15% off on them.

Just like humble, they do run Bundles from time to time on their website. Some of their popular bundle include Virtual Reality, Monday Motivation & Hump day bundle. These bundles get updated regularly to provide you with new and popular games for cheap.
Giveaways also happen from time to time, providing you with opportunities to get free games. You can also register on their site for occasional free game keys in your inbox.

Checkout is processed via PayPal so no need to worry about getting invalid keys, you can easily get a refund.



Best G2A Alternative for Buying and selling In-game Items


16. BitSkins

If you are looking for sites like G2A only for in-game items like skins, currency etc then Bitskins should be the first place to check out. They have a huge stock of in-game items for various games like CSgo, Dota, PubG, H1Z1, Black Squad and more. Their Price check page will give you a good idea of how much an item is currently going for.

You can easily save a few bucks by looking for your desired item on their deals page. Usually, the prices here are 35-45 % less than the steam market. And even if you get a deal on an item that you don’t want, you can resell it on steam Marketplace or trade it for profit.

Want some money for your virtual items? You can even sell your stuff on Bitskins for some sweet real cash. Right after your items gets sold, you can withdraw the money directly into your PayPal or any crypto account.


17. Swap.gg

Swap dot gg is a fairly new site where you can buy, sell, and trade items/skins for various games. Unlike g2a, while they don’t sell games, but you can find fresh deals for thousands of in-game items for various games like csgo, DOTA, Rust, TF2, and more.

Their prices are very reasonable, and they also allow you to trade your items for other items from their huge inventory. Definitely worth checking out if you are out there looking to buy some new skins/items for your game.




Well, this concludes my article, listed above are the best sites like G2A for game keys, gift cards and more. I hope you liked it. I have tried to bring you the sites that are as trusty and secure if not more than G2A and sites where you will find unmatchable deals on Game Keys and other related stuff.

Here is a Bonus Site 👏👏 for you guys, just in case if you want to see a random deal every hour.


As you may have guessed by the name, YesThereisADeal is a branch site of IsThereAnyDeal. There is nothing available for purchase on the site. Instead, it shows you one game per hour that is going on sale and can be bought for very cheap. It collects offers from Fanatical, HumbleBundle, GMG, Steam and from various other similar sites. Do check out if like this type of deals.


If you are guys want to expand your steam library and want bundle deals, check this post on Sites Like Humble Bundle. And if you guys play Counter Strike Global offensive, I also have a bunch of csgo related posts as well.


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