Best Sites Like Humble Bundle (Get Games for Cheap)

Best Sites Like Humble Bundle (Get Games for Cheap)

If you guys don’t know, HumbleBundle is a website which provides games for a relatively cheap price and offers monthly bundles and packages. These bundles often have cost just a fraction of the price of 1 or 2 games in them and you can get the rest of the games effectively ‘free’.

Game bundles are also a very good way to save money on games. Suppose you are building your gaming library and need a few cheap games to fill up your inventory, By buying games in bundles you can get some new games to try while building your library at the same time.

Here I have prepared a list of 10 sites like humble bundle. You can find some pretty good games for very cheap at these sites and also buy some bundles for great deals or just as a gift for your little brother XD.


Sites Like Humble Bundle


1. Indiegala


Indigala is a very similar site to humble bundle. It has got a huge collection of bundles for the different genre for example indie, casual, anime, game collection bundles (like dead island, walking dead complete bundles) and they are usually very cheap than steam and other sources. They also have a nice inventory of single games which usually go for 20-40% lower than steam pricing.

Also if you want to pre-order a game just search on indigala first you may find a good deal there. The thing I like about indigala most is the fact that if you have purchased a bundle (or are registered on their website) they occasionally send free game directly to your inbox like humble bundle.


2. Fanatical

Fanatical or previously known as Bundle Stars is also a very popular website to get bundles and other ‘steal deals’ from. They are partners with over 800 publishers so every bundle they release is packed with awesome games with the price tag of only one or two games in the bundle.

One handy feature of this site is that you can import your steam wishlist there and then if any offers are available on the games from your wish list they will tell you about them or if not, as soon as the game becomes available for cheap, they will notify you.


3. Groupees

Groupees is a wonderful place to get not only games but also music and courses like javascript & (pdf). You might be thinking then why am I adding this website to my list? well because it does run bundles for games and their music bundles are just great, they have good bundle deals for OST’s and are available to download in either mp3 or FLAC.

Their bundles have a deadline like other websites listed here & do have Pay What You Want option Like this bundle that was currently ongoing at the time of writing this post:

Dynamite Women Bundle

The base price of this bundle is 0$, you are getting 8 comics for absolutely nothing and then to add some more items, you have to spend 1.99$, and then if you decide to buy the full bundle with everything on it, it will cost you 9.99$.



One of the best source to get game bundles from indie Developers is Deals are ON there almost all of the time, both on single games and bundles. They have a bundle section dedicated to Co-op games, so if you are looking for some cheap small games to play with your friends you can check that out. They also sell comics there.

You can also try ‘demo’ and other promotional games there for free and purchase or pay for them later on if you like. has a really nice community and they also provide tools and assets if you want to build your own game. If you are a indie game developer yourself, you can host your game on their site for free-of-cost. They will provide your game a separate page which you can customize to your and your games needs.


5. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming not only provides small, indie games for cheap but also have games from big, well knows developers. Unlike humble bundle or any other similar bundle site, they also sell console copies of games at a discounted price. This website does not have any bundles in particular but many mainstream games like Resident Evil, PREY, Assassins creed series and many more are available here at a discounted price.

You can also pre-purchase games here and play them 4-5 days before release. Their section of games is very decent, especially for unreleased and new games, it is quite good & almost at all of the times the games are going on sale or if not, you will usually save money by buying games from here rather from steam or similar services. They also run giveaways so do checkout for them.


6. LazyGuysBundle

This website is a little bit different from the other ones listed here. They only provide a single bundle, and that too after a couple of months have passed from when the previous one ended & once the bundle is over there is no way for you to buy it from them again.

At the time I checked, they didn’t have any bundle up for sale and their last bundle offer ended on sep4(updated), 2018 so I assume that a new bundle is coming very soon. Their bundles usually have some good quality games in them and are worth checking out.

You can get them for even cheaper price by choosing pay-what-you-want, similar to humble bundle. but I would suggest going for the full price because one, it will make sure that the developers are getting enough money to keep them motivated and two, the bonus games which unlocks with full price, is usually worth the extra buck that you are spending on that bundle.


Not Satisfied with the list above? Didn’t find the game you were looking for there? Don’t worry,

Here are a few websites which can help you find great deals on games & bundles and save you some money:



IndieGameBundle is not a site having bundles of its own, but rather it is a blog which keeps tracks of ongoing bundles and offers on different sites. It gives you overview of what you will get inside the bundle , which game titles are in there & how much you are saving by buying the bundle.

It also tracks offers which are currently running on Steam. Beside gaming bundle, this site will also keep you up-to-date with latest music and e-book bundles.



CheapShark also sorts out deals on games from many different sources. They lists deals on PC games from many different sources like steam, amazon, humblebundle, fanatical etc and displays a list of some good deals from each different vendor & key providers.

You can also search for a specific game on their site and they will tell you from where you can get the game and for how much, it even compares the prices and shows you the best deals.



If you are looking for short and sweet indie games then this is the website for you. It offers indie titles for dirt cheap price. They have games starting from 0.02$ to 5$. If you have unused steam keys you can also sell them here.



Another great site to get good games for the cheap price. Gamers gate provides great deals on various steam and even some non-steam games. Most of the new games can be bought from them for cheap and unreleased games can also be pre-ordered for early access.

By the first look at their homepage it may seem like that they only have ‘hifi’ games from big developers but that is not the case at all, they provide keys for games from both well know and indie developers.


So these are few of the popular websites which provide, similar if not better bundles and offer on games than humblebundle. I hope you liked my post, if you know any other sites which are good or better than the ones listed above do comment down in the comment section below and I will consider adding it here, Thanks.

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